Tips to Create a Mobile Application for Your Business

Christopher Chapman

Mobile apps are truly a godsend for many businesses out there. It can help business owners engage with their audience, you can send out promotions through push notifications, you can employ a loyalty program where you can track and exchange points right within the application, and you can also get some important analytics data that can help you further improve your business processes.

There is no doubt that mobile apps offer plenty of benefits to entrepreneurs which is why business owners are now thinking about mobile app development now more than ever before.

Having said that, how do you actually create a mobile application that will be of great benefit to your business?

Outsourcing or In-house Development?

To start with, business owners can either outsource app developers or develop a team of their own to perform in-house. I advise business owners, especially those that own only a small or medium business entity, to focus only on outsourcing and nothing else.

That is because hiring in-house developers will require money, not to mention that they might not have the level of expertise that is similar to developers outside of your company.

Aside from that, there are many well-established app development companies out there and most of them are quite affordable.

Discuss Your Plans with Your Team

Whether you’ve opted to have your app built in-house or have it outsourced, it is imperative that you let your ideas be known to your team. Discuss everything there is to know about your application, especially about how it looks, its different functionalities, and so on.

You do not have to go too flashy on your first app. In fact, I would advise you to make your design as minimalistic as possible which means that you strip down your app’s aesthetics down to the bare essentials.

The reason why you want to do this is so that people can actually find the features that they need quickly and easily, thus further improving the usability of your application.

Build a Mobile Website

Even if you are going to have a mobile app developed for your business, it is still a good thing to have a business website. If anything, both your mobile app and website work in tandem to help you get more revenues.

This is especially useful for the e-commerce industry because entrepreneurs can give two solutions to their customers. They can either order stuff from within the app or they can go to your business website to do the same thing.

Stay in Tuned with Your Audience

At the end of the day, you’re developing a mobile application for your audience. That is why you want to know their pulse and find out what they really want to have in your mobile application.

Browse through different social media groups, forums, and even Youtube communities to find out what your target audience is up to and so that you can give them solutions that they will most likely take.

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Understanding the Basics of Mobile App Design and Development

Christopher Chapman

We all love specific applications and we use it on a regular basis, right? But, unbeknownst to many, the actual designing and development process of the application would require a multi-step process to finish. Mobile app developers would start with an idea, run it through a feasibility test, then go with the design and development stage, and finally, deployment. Today, I am going to help you understand the basics of mobile app design and development so that it can increase your appreciation of how your favorite apps are made.

The Idea

Every app development process always starts with a concept. What is the application actually for? Is it to entertain your users by providing them some content? It is to educate them by giving them amazing news and information about a certain industry? Whatever the case may be, the application development process starts out with the idea. Clients who would like to have their concepts be fully realized would have to contact a competent app development team that will them with that.

Assembling the Team

Now, if you are a regular client that doesn’t have a huge company, then you can always outsource your app development team. Actually, it is quite easy to do so and will help you save time and money as well. However, if you have an organization and you want to create an enterprise app, you may want to consider hiring in-house developers.

There are so many reasons why you want to do that. First, by hiring your own developers, you can rest assured knowing that the information that is contained in the app will remain within the premises. Second, you can always solve problems as they arise since you will be able to communicate with your developers- giving you timely updates almost immediately. However, if you are going to hire your own developers, you have to be ready to spend a lot of money as seasoned developers are not exactly cheap (though, their quality of work is admirable).

Handle the UI

In this part of the process, the developers would have to develop low-fidelity wireframes to help layout the user interface of the application. This is where the mobile app designers will give you a mockup of the possible designs of the final application. You, as the client, would have to give them a go signal so that they will know what you want. It is okay to incorporate a lot of features into the app so long as it is easy to use. A good user interface will almost always equate to good user experience as well.


This is where the actual creation of the application takes place. Developers would have to work in tandem with the designers to know exactly what needs to be done. Developers would have to use software architecture like Xamarin to help create cross-platform applications.

This is also the stage where they would create beta versions of your application so that it will be thoroughly tested. You want your final product to be as bug-free as possible.

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Christopher Chapman

It is hard to discover somebody somewhere in the range of 18 and 65 who do not have a Smartphone and utilizations portable applications in their everyday. We each have our versatile needs, that is the reason every individual has an alternate application need.

Here are the primary strides to consider when building up an application part of mobile app development packages for IOS.

1.Initial Phase:

in which we need to characterize the application thought that we need to make. It is likewise advantageous to make an underlying mockup to have the application practically prepared.

2.Business Phase:

and nbsp; We should be clear about the plan of action we pursue with our application. What is the reason for the application? In the event that what you need is to create a salary, at that point you should characterize what method or adaptation strategies you will utilize. Characterize this well before beginning to create.

3.Development Phase:

Yes, it is important to get yourself particular groups in iOS advancement for the programming part. Keep in mind that structure is additionally a significant part, particularly for iPhone and iPad.

So as to deal with the application venture it is exceedingly suggested that you have an accomplished Project Manager. In Deeply we have this sort of specialists, so in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to make an iOS application, we can help you all the while.

4.Launch and Marketing Phase:

This is the place we need to transfer the applications to the stores. Make a decent system of ASO to get situated in the stores of uses. Also, make sure to dispatch limited time battles by and large and specific media.

Make App iOS: iPhone versus iPad

When we state make applications for iOS, we incorporate the renditions for both iPhone and iPad. In any case, we should remember that there are contrasts between an application for an iPad or an iPhone.

Step by step instructions to make an application for iPhone

First, we concentrated on making applications for the iPhone. It is Apple’s lead cell phone and we should focus on it.
In a first methodology, we know splendidly that structuring an iOS application will have a few contrasts as for Android. For a first way to deal with the distinctions in interface plan for applications, you can counsel the AppDesignBook site.

Instructions to make an application for iPad

The copies factors when making applications for iPads and tablets, all in all, we need to consider intelligibility and goals. The typography and the pictures that we use for the iPhone may not work for the iPad.

The fundamental structure guidelines to make an application prevail in the App Store are:

Picking the symbol

It’s the main thing in your application that the client sees. In that sense, you should concentrate on making a symbol that emerges from the rest.

Remember that on Android, all symbols are installed in a square with adjusted edges. To put it plainly, don’t utilize a photo or a lot of content.

Watch that it is unmistakable in all sizes, regardless of whether it must be decreased. Or more all, be innovative when structuring it.

Non-required enrollment

There are applications that before you begin utilizing them or give you some sort of data, they approach you for an extremely complete record, which causes the client to lose enthusiasm for the application, since, without attempting it, he must embed individual information.

It is fitting in these cases to attempt to broaden the library however much as could reasonably be expected, execute arrangements, for example, login with facebook or google, furnish access as a visitor with specific limitations, and so on.

Legibility and size of the components

Record that your application will be utilized both on an iPhone and on an iPad. IOS gadgets don’t generally have a similar size. Do whatever it takes not to put writings with extremely little letters or catches that cannot be squeezed appropriately.

Remember that in iOS all the connection is done inside the screen, there are no extra catches like returning. Rationale reveals to us that we should place everything into the plan of the screen.

Ease of use: Make beyond any doubt your arrival catches are spellbinding

When structuring the arrival catches between the areas of the application, it keeps them from saying “Back”. It will be progressively proficient and usable for the client to put the name of the segment to which you are going to return, for instance, in the event that you are in “Settings”, the arrival catch could take you to “Profile”.

Convenience: “As basic as could reasonably be expected”. That is a point that must be clear when creating the two IOS and Android.

You need to think in the manner that the end client is “moronic” and think about any circumstance, to make our application as straightforward and justifiable as could be allowed. Another exhortation isn’t to mishandle movements or notices and skill to find them, so as to not irritate or block the client’s involvement.

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The 10 Most Common Application-Design Mistakes to avoid

Christopher Chapman

With the flood of connecting with and cool new structure alternatives, we have seen a great many applications and sites get a makeover. This has likewise observed a lot of poor plan decisions that hamper purchasers to interface with brands. From fundamental style to frail substance, poor route, and obscure blunders, there are numerous parts of the plan that can be improved.

Underneath, you’ll locate the best ten normal web application configuration mix-ups and how to shield them from harming your client by and large commitment. Here are 10 mobile app development mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Neglect to utilize a responsive structure

More than 40 percent of hunts are done on mobiles, having a site that can show legitimately on those gadgets is of significance for any organizations. The greater part of the sites nowadays has been made with a responsive website composition. Google presented a pursuit update that punishes the non-responsive destinations in mobile hunts, this will be a noteworthy issue on the off chance that we don’t center.

2. Confused substance design

Content on the application is the thing that drives the client to it. The structure of the substance makes it a triumph or a disappointment.

Clients don’t have sufficient energy to peruse the entire page, they simply check the essential focuses like headings, subheadings, shots, watchwords, and so on we should feature the critical substance and connections for the client to click while looking over the page.

  1. Don’t put pointless substance which jumbles the page.
  2. Create enough void area between your content and pictures by utilizing edges.
  3. Update and be predictable. The motivation behind refreshing is to include new substance or new features and right past missteps.

3. Remember about the genuine structure components

Have reliable structure components all through the application.

Consider the plan components of the platform (Android/iOS) and make the application as needs are. Ensure the photographs, recordings, and flags are supporting the substance and equalization the format.

Symbols and pictures bolster the content and help the client to look over the substance effectively, utilization of low-goals symbols and pictures will execute the general style of the application. Utilize symbols and pictures are supporting the substance and making the general experience incredible.

You can get high-goals pictures for nothing here (

4. Take a check of the Loading-Time

While it’s great to have rich JavaScript movements, to catch the consideration of clients however it isn’t great on the off chance that it influences the execution.

Toning it down would be ideal is the standard in website architecture. A page with about six pictures jumbled with various symbols and absence of substance chain of importance prompts awful structure.

The objective of a good structure is to give direction, center, and a substance chain of command.

5. Not an inviting Screen Resolution.

I’m certain that you are more likely than not arrived on the Apps/destinations where we have even parchment. In the current website composition, it’s a major no. As great fashioners, we ought to build up a site that fits all the screen sizes. 1024×768 pixels is the current streamlined design for sites.

In any case, it is difficult to assemble one size fits all arrangement relying upon the development of the most recent screen goals yet we can get an unpleasant thought regarding regularly utilized screen goals from the accompanying locales:

  1. Google Analytics: Provides you the data on which platforms the greater part of your clients are and the most utilized goals. This date helps gigantically in patching up the site.
    For Example, Myntra has seen an open door in cooking just to the Mobile clients and relinquished the Web App, which calm helped them to achieve a large number of downloads, anyway in the not so distant future they are back with the Web App.
  2. W3 Schools Browser Stats: You can discover a rundown of the mainstream program utilized by netizens and sort them as per ubiquity. There are other fascinating and essential insights as well.

6. Missing Call to Action

In the wake of arriving on the site, we should drive the client with the privilege and expected substance to help take care of his concern. When he invests sufficient energy, it must be simple for the client to contact us.

It’s not important to get imaginative with a suggestion to take action wording. Keep it straightforward and utilize the content which the client knows about, as

  1. Contact us
  2. Add to truck
  3. Shop now
  4. Sign up

7. Not considering Target Audience

All through the application, the TG is the most imperative perspective as you fabricate everything for that gathering, similarly, you ought to be predictable with making a site which takes into account a similar target gathering.

Distinguish your TG and utilize fitting hues, text styles, and design that substantiate the brand. Tight you TG to hit the correct gathering to expand deals.

8. Setting Ads in the wrong spot

Promoting is the center for any brand to produce income, yet on the off chance that it’s jumbling the App and making clients life awkward, you ought to reexamine your procedure of advertisement positions.

  1. Don’t consider full-screen estimate promotions where the nearby catch is imperceptible.
  2. Never spread the substance with the advertisement position, it’ll execute the reason for the application.

9. Confused Signup/Registration Forms.

How much data is fundamental from the client to enlist and in the event that you need a ton of the data gathering it at various phases of the application that way the client isn’t stressed over observing the enrollment structure.

10. Advance Social Engagement

Interface with your clients actually, that improves the brand character and reinforce the relationship.

  1. Posting the websites in social media can get higher rankings on Google.
  2. Freebies that urges the client to utilize the app when you’re fabricating an application, showcasing missteps can cost you for sure.


All things considered, your pre-dispatch promoting will decide the general supposition and notoriety of your application when it dispatches, which can manage what number of individuals choose to download it.

Furthermore, even after your application is propelled, you have to keep advertising in it a way that lures individuals to download it. Else, you could see a business droop and an awful in general profit for your venture.

Try not to give that a chance to occur. Rather, investigate the accompanying 6 mobile marketing mistakes you ought to dodge no matter what, and you’ll realize what you ought to do rather to effectively showcase your application.

1. Not setting the correct desires for your application

You’ve most likely heard the adage “under-guarantee and over-convey.” That unquestionably applies when you’re advertising an application.
Consider it – in the event that you advertise your application as the best on the planet however can’t back up your cases, you’ll baffle the general population who download it. That implies they may finish up leaving negative audits this way:

… Ouch.

That being stated, don’t undercut yourself. Discussion about the advantages of your application and feature its one of a kind selling focus, yet don’t overstate. That way, your clients know precisely what they’re getting when they download your application.

You may likewise need to incorporate screen captures of your application, as Whatsapp does:

Doing as such permits individuals who are intrigued your application to see precisely what it would appear that and how it is utilized before they focus on downloading it.

2. Neglecting to streamline your application for the application store

You’ve most likely known about SEO (website improvement), yet have you known about ASO (application store advancement)?

If not, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin learning. Investigate this information and you’ll see why:

Truth is stranger than fiction – the vast majority find applications essentially from perusing the application store. Thus, on the off chance that you haven’t improved your application in a manner that enables it to be found effectively, there’s a decent possibility you’ll pass up heaps of offers. A mobile app developer needs to keep this in mind.

Presently, before you begin improving your application, ensure you have a profound comprehension of your intended interest group and how they’re probably going to scan when searching for applications like yours. All things considered, on the off chance that you streamline for the wrong watchwords, you won’t see the outcomes you’re searching for.

When you’ve picked the best watchwords, here are a couple of ASO steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Place the catchphrase with the most inquiry traffic in the application title. Ensure you perform broad research to decide the best catchphrase before you do this. You would prefer not to need to change the title later in light of the fact that that will make your application progressively troublesome for individuals to discover.
  2. Market your image and application. The all-out number of times your application has been downloaded will influence its positioning in the application store, so organize advertising and ensure you’re assembling a solid social media nearness.
  3. Try to get great audits for your application. Add an application audit module to your application to naturally approach individuals for surveys. (I’ll talk more top to bottom about this later in this post.)

Tip: Use the instruments recorded here for help settling on application catchphrases, improving your application look positioning, and that’s just the beginning.

3. Neglecting to drive mobile application audits

Despite what sort of application you’re making, you’ll likely find that you have bunches of contenders. One approach to influence your intended interest group to pick you over the challenge is to get bunches of good surveys.


Since social verification assumes a colossal job in application obtaining choices, and high evaluations will give your application a superior positioning in the application store.

Main concern: the more positive surveys you can get for your application, the better.

Presently, you’re likely thinking about how you can urge clients to survey your application. One of the most straightforward ways is to utilize an application survey module like Appirater. When you do, clients will be incited to audit your application, similar to this:

An expression of caution: abstain from giving clients impetuses for positive surveys – Apple has begun to evacuate applications that do this.

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